Thanks from your winner, Clara

claranellist-wWow, all I can say is what a blast! I really enjoyed taking part in the Nuclear Zone of I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here! I want to thank all of the students for being involved, you were brilliant! These two weeks quite literally couldn’t have happened without your enthusiasm and curiosity. I had a great time answering all of your fantastic questions and I was very impressed by the huge variety in the topics of the questions asked! From cloning people to living on other planets, and antimatter — there was never a dull moment!

There were a lot of questions close to my heart (about CERN, the LHC and how pixel detectors work in ATLAS), but I especially loved the one that started, “My friend wants to be an astronaut…” because it shows you have big dreams! Keep it up! It was also a lot of fun to talk to you in the chats and be able to interact live, as it gave you a chance to challenge our answers (a good scientific practice!)

I hope that you learnt something new from our answers, and also that you found them interesting. But if you only take one thing away from the event, it would be that scientists are normal people, with hobbies and interests just like everyone else. But normal people who like to spend their working hours learning something new about how things work in our Universe. From the questions you asked, I can definitely see that there are future scientists among you!

I’m really honoured that you voted for me as your Nuclear Zone winner; thank you! It was a tough competition. The other scientists (Thomas, Simon, Daniel and Becky) were amazing and I really enjoyed chatting to them during the event and learning about their research. I wish them all the best for the future! (Good luck to Simon, who will be finishing his PhD thesis very soon!) I’m looking forward to using the prize money, and skills I’ve developed in this event, to bring real science data into the classroom as I promised in my profile. I’ll keep you updated with how it all goes!

Thanks also to the teachers and to the moderators at I’m a Scientist for making this event happen and keeping everything running smoothly! I would recommend it to anyone thinking of signing up. And not only because it gave me a reason to spend my evenings reading about nuclear submarines and exoplanets!


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